Alluring Fashions for Fall

Allure has been your favorite Libertyville salon for years. Now we want to be your favorite Libertyville boutique. Over the years, we’ve been growing our selection of accessories, gifts, cards, candles, and soaps. Clothing may be the final frontier. We’re thrilled to go boldly into fall, offering an extensive fashion and accessories collection.

Elle and Shelly recently spent a day in Chicago, buying clothing, jewelry, and handbags to feature in the boutique. We gave ourselves one rule: everything must be equal parts chic and comfy.

For fall, we’ve got flannel for days — ombre flannels, flannels with lace, flannel-lined denim jackets. We found sweatshirts ready to rock, simple bohemian tops, and loungeable graphic-print shirts.

You’ve been seeing Vintage Havana on celebs like Gisele Bündchen, Tori Spelling, Kourtney Kardashian, and Jessica Alba. Now these of-the-moment threads are on our own racks, waiting for you.

Fall Vintage Havana Line 2015

We’re also featuring the latest from Splendid. The brand is described as “ultra-comfortable, effortlessly chic.” What more could be more alluring?

Fall Splendid boutique line 2015

Next time you’re strolling on Milwaukee Ave, come in and cozy up. There is more to living beautifully than just hair and nails!

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