Cut The Cleanse - Why You Shouldn't Wash Your Hair Every Day

You've heard it a thousand times in the last few years, from well-respected beauty gurus, A-List celebrities, and your most trusted hairstylist: Washing your hair every day is bad for you! 

For many of us, this jarring piece of news goes against everything we've been taught about personal hygiene, and we can be quick to shrug it off as a passing fad. But is there actually any truth to these claims? How can washing your hair, a task that was once hailed as a necessity, be bad for you?

A healthy scalp produces natural oils as a protective barrier. These oils keep your scalp from becoming dry, itchy, and flaky, and ensure that your tresses stay shiny and soft. When you wash your hair, you are removing these oils and disrupting your scalp's healthy ecosystem. But, I’m sure some of you are thinking, “My scalp gets so greasy! I have to wash it every day!” Let’s break down why your scalp might be more oily than others and how to fix it:

1.) By washing your hair every day, you are stripping your scalp of its natural oils, leaving it dry and unbalanced. To compensate, your scalp kicks into overdrive, trying to regulate the production of oil to make up for the sudden change. This creates a cycle of over-production that leaves your hair feeling greasy and leaves you feeling frustrated. Start by washing your hair every other day, and use a dry shampoo on your off days. It may take a few weeks for your scalp to feel regulated, and using a dry shampoo will help to remove built-up oil.

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2.) Are you using a drugstore shampoo? Drugstore shampoos are full of chemicals that strip your hair of its natural oils. They use low-quality ingredients and fillers that make your hair feel soft and shiny after one wash, but end up over-drying your scalp, in the long run. This not only makes your scalp over-produce its natural oils, but it can cause damage to your ends, as well. Using a professional shampoo and conditioner with high-quality ingredients will GREATLY improve the overall health of your scalp and nourish your hair, inside and out.

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3.) If you consider your skin to be more oily than most, chances are your scalp is more oily, as well. This could mean that your scalp is in desperate need of a deep clean! Try using a clarifying shampoo once a week, to eliminate dirt and build-up. Not only are they great for our naturally oily scalp clients, but for clients who go several days between washes.

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Cutting back on your hair washes will not only help you maintain a healthy scalp, but you will save water, preserve your hair color, and reduce the amount of time it takes to get ready in the morning. Plus, you’ll save money on products, since you won't be using them as often. Whether you're a scalp-scrubbing skeptic or a curious cleanser, there's never been a better time to bring no-wash days into your routine!

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