Our Holiday Party Highlights!

'Twas the night of the party
and all through the land,
Allure patrons were gathered
for a gala most grand.

 Allure Front

The window displays
were in full festive swing,
with holiday styles,
bright baubles, and bling.

Prize Wheel

The guests were arriving
to a welcoming crew
with goody bags, prizes,
a cocktail, or two.


Stu, the piano man,
dazzled with flair,
crooning sweet tunes
in the holiday air.


The night carried on,
with old friends and new,
indulging in shopping,
and photoshoots, too.

Allure Team

Then the team gathered 'round
and they let out a cheer,
"Happy holidays, friends,
and a happy New Year!"

Thank you for making our 2019 Holiday Party a fantastic success!



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